Virtual Cocktail Classes With The Cocktail Guru

Times are rough for the wine, spirit and cocktail industries; but despite the closing of restaurants and bars around the country, education and leisure- time activities are more desirable than ever. Perhaps that is why Virtual Cocktail and Mixology classes have never been more popular – or more successful from a business perspective.

At The Cocktail Guru, we’ve always relied on in-person presentations to restaurant and bar staff as well as for Corporate Team Building events. As soon as the pandemic hit, our president and CEO Jonathan Pogash, saw the necessity to shift gears, and so began a dramatic change in the way he conducted business and in the priorities of the company. Virtual Cocktail Classes with The Cocktail Guru became the priority and suddenly, demand for such classes went through the roof. According to Jonathan, business has never been better and has even surpassed Pre-pandemic levels. “No one was more surprised than I was when I received requests from past corporation clients and a host of new clients, asking for Virtual Cocktail Classes. This happened at the beginning of Covid, but business continues to be brisk. I anticipate that demand for Virtual Cocktail classes with The Cocktail Guru will continue in the foreseeable future.”

If past is prologue, it appears as though Virtual Cocktail Classes, like a fine Bourbon, Rye or Cognac, will never go out of style.

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