Interior Yacht Crew Mixology & Wine Training Classes

If you are serious about improving your knowledge and receiving GUEST/IAMI certification and accreditation leading to career advancement, then look no further!  Certified interior yacht crew instructors The Cocktail Guru have been supplying some of the yachting industry’s best talent the education they need to successfully execute a Wine and Mixology Program on board their boats.  These courses are appropriate for beginners or those with prior training.

Jonathan and Jeffrey Pogash, the only GUEST Program/IAMI accredited instructors in the U.S., offer two-day fun-filled classes on Mixology and Wine.

The first 8-hour long class is devoted to Mixology & Bartending, during which you will learn all the tricks of the trade from “The Cocktail Guru” himself, Jonathan Pogash, and his team of experiences bartender-instructors.  Bartending technique, mise en place, cocktail construction, history, and mindfulness are just a few of the topics we cover.

Day 2 is an 8-hour session devoted entirely to wine tasting and education, taught by author and educator Jeffrey Pogash, whose career spans 45 years at every level of the wine industry. Taste and learn about wines from the world’s major wine regions: grape-growing methods, soil, climate, and how they affect the flavor profile, along with tasting techniques and “How To Read A Wine Label” will be covered.

On-Board Classes

We can travel to wherever your boat is docked in the Ft. Lauderdale and Northeast US regions!  We will bring all of the necessary supplies needed (liquor, mixers, tools) to provide you with Mixology and Wine education courses.  You may choose either accredited or not, and each class (Mixology and Wine) is 8 hours long with lunch and snack breaks.  Contact us for more info.


We try and schedule multiple sessions in person at various training facilities in and around Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Our upcoming live classes are:

April 26th and 27th, 2023

Blue Oceans Yachting

Advanced Bartending & Mixology Module 1

Advanced Wine Appreciation Module 1

Email Adrienne Gang for more info and to sign up: 

Virtual and Hybrid Classes

A virtual or hybrid course allows us to lead you through our certified educational sessions anywhere in the world.  Just ask us!

Private Events

You, too, can have a Cocktail Guru mix up delectable craft cocktails at your next event.  Check out our Special Events page for more info.


*Discounts apply if you sign up for both classes or if multiple members of your crew signs up.  Remember, you will each receive GUEST/IAMI program certification for each class.
So why not advance your career with some additional education?!

Email us for more information and to book.


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