The Cocktail Guru Goes Virtual

Amidst the crisis that we are all facing, Jonathan Pogash, founder/ owner of The Cocktail Guru, Inc has announced two on-line programs that will continue the work that he has been doing for the past ten years.

Jonathan has begun leading a series of short live on-line mixology tutorials, with a focus on positive news from around the world and creative cocktail recipes using at home ingredients. The tutorials, now called “Some Good Booze,” launched on March 14th, and continues every day at 5pm EST on FB Live, as well as posted to The Cocktail Guru Instagram and YouTube channels. The idea, inspired by actor John Krasinski’s launch of his YouTube show, “Some Good News”, will follow in ‘The Office” star’s footsteps: “stories that have made you feel good this week or the things that just made you smile.” Of course, Jonathan will throw in a dash or two of cocktail and spirit-related inspiration to round things out.

In addition, a separate Virtual Team Building/Virtual Happy Hour program is being offered to corporations and organizations, so that The Cocktail Guru can continue with its comprehensive nationwide team building that it created seven years ago. Some of the nation’s largest companies, including Facebook and Google, have enlisted the help of The Cocktail Guru team to bring their employees together for an educational and fun-filled activity that encourages cooperation between colleagues.

For more information about our Virtual Team Building/Virtual Happy Hour program, please contact us.

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  1. I’m with Salesforce on the East Coast and looking for a fun way to gather my team virtually. What better way than to learn drinks together. I’m interested in your team building mixer. I’d love get more information from you and talk about how we might execute something like this.

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