Special Events

The Cocktail Guru® Team Will Make Yours a Party to Remember

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– Corporate Events

– Demonstrations (Cocktails, Wine, and Sabering*)

– Social Events (weddings, banquets, galas, non-profit, anniversaries, etc.)

– Beverage Industry-Related Events

– Team-Building Activities

– Signature Event Cocktail Development (i.e. the specialty drink for your wedding or corporate function)

*What is Sabering?

Sabering, or “Sabrage”, became popular in France during Napoleon’s reign.  This is the practice of opening a bottle of Champagne using a Saber, or special sword.  This rare technique is known and practiced by the few; those extremely agile and talented practitioners.  Only those trained in this art form should perform this type of demonstration.

At The Cocktail Guru™, we have industry expert and classically trained Sabragais Jeffrey Pogash, who is available for this special performance.