The Mod Squad: PAMA

Posted by: on October 25, 2012

The Mod Squad

Liqueurs are the modifier ingredients that make the difference between a Rusty Nail (scotch + Drambuie) and a Godfather (scotch + amaretto). Like cooking spices, Liqueurs are essential tools in the cocktail that allow you to create an array of cocktails for any taste. But with so many choices, how does one decide which to stock on their bar?


  • Sweet-Tart Balance. Sometimes you want a little sweet, sometimes you want a little tart. Managing the balance of sweet and sour in cocktails is typically an underappreciated yet essential component to mastering cocktails. Only one fruit provides both: pomegranate. PAMA, made from all-natural pomegranate juice, is so well balanced between sweet and tart that it can actually be used to balance sweet drinks as the tart and tannic nature helps to offset the sugars of other ingredients.


  • Base Spirit. Let the base spirit be your guide as it would be a shame when using a fine spirit such as bourbon to not allow its presence shine in the cocktail.  The best ingredients are those that have a natural affinity for and showcase the base spirit by complementing its profile rather than muting it.  PAMA’s versatility naturally lends itself to classic cocktails without overpowering or conflicting with other essential ingredients.



To learn more about how a modifier can transform cocktails, learn from a pro – Eben Freeman – via

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