Jeffrey Pogash – Bio

Posted by: on August 30, 2011

For the past 18 years,  Jeffrey Pogash has worked in the Communications Department at Moet Hennessy USA, the importer of luxury wines and spirits. He retired as Director of Communications on Sept. 1, 2011. During his tenure, Jeffrey’s responsibilities included garnering press for the entire Moet Hennessy portfolio of champagnes, wines, and spirits.

Prior to joining Moet Hennessy, Jeffrey spent 17 years as the U.S. representative for the CIVA, the organization that works on behalf of all growers, shippers, and cooperatives in the region of Alsace, France.

We are pleased to announce that Jeffrey has joined The Cocktail Guru team to lend his expertise in media relations, marketing, and brand management. He will be working directly with Jonathan and on independent projects.


  1. Your biography of Jeffrey Pogash reflects his modesty. He mentions only jobs and titles. While his knowledge of the industry is obvious from his pedigree, there is no indication of the many areas of both wine and spirits knowledge in which Jeff is an internationally-respected authority. It is not hyperbole to say that few people on earth have the bredth and depth of knowledge that Jeffrey Pogash does. And equally few bring such passion to their job. The Cocktail Guru went big time when Jeffrey came on board!

    • The Cocktail Guru says:

      You are correct, Marc. He is way too modest and his talents are countless and experience a HUGE asset to the business. So incredibly thankful and fortunate to have someone like him to work alongside.

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